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DIY Repositionable Bible Tabs

No more damage to your delicate bible pages with these repositionable tabs!


Check out this quick, easy, and affordable DIY below -

DIY Repositionable Tabs

Author: Jamyka | Money Conscious Mommy Blog
Book Tabs that can be moved without damaging the delicate pages of your bible!


  • 3 packs Avery Ultra Tabs
  • 1 pack Avery Printable Return Address Mailing Labels (size 2/3" x 1 3/4", Matte Clear)
  • 1 pack Avery Self Adhesive Laminating Sheets 
  • Bible


  • Scissors (optional)


  1. Using word processing software from your computer, enter each book of the bible on the Avery Address Label Template,
  2. Print the address labels. (for double-sided tabs, print 2 sheets )
  3. Place a label on each tab
  4. For durability, cover each tab with laminating sheets, and cut away the excess
  5. Apply the removable tabs to the 1st page of each book of the bible until complete
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