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We love to share relatable mom content, everyday life from a work from home environment, inspiration, as well as budget and eco-friendly reviews from a single-income household.
Hi, Hello, & Nice to Meet You!
My name is Jamyka and I am the woman behind the Money Conscious Money Blog. I enjoy creating content that...

Meet the Blogger

It all began with an idea ...

I started my blogging journey in 2012 after being inspired during my pregnancy and the birth of our youngest son. Our family dynamic is quite unique since our roles are different than what society expects as the ‘norm’… I work full-time, my husband stays home to raise our children, and we are a blended family.

As you can imagine sustaining a family of 3 from a single income perspective can be difficult so we do our best to maintain the balance between being money conscious while still enjoying life.

We are huge Disney lovers, are very passionate about using products that are affordable with clean formulations, and try to be conscious of our eco-footprint. We love discovering new things that align with our values while always taking the challenge to save money at the core. When I'm not working my 9-5 you can find me here sharing our lifestyle including affordable style, beauty, parenting, spirituality, wellness and all things in between. Stay tuned for reviews, tips, and much more!

Thank you for joining us on our journey as we share how we are balancing life and a budget in the SF Bay!

It means the world to us so thanks for being here!