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Honest Color Street Review (Not a Consultant)

The Company
Color Street is a company that offers a line of nail polish strips that are not only developed in, but also manufactured in New Jersey, USA. The company is a multilevel marketing business that encourages enthusiasts to become stylists to promote their product while they earn a commission for sales. 

The Product & Claims
The nail polish strips provide a salon quality manicure in minutes with 100% nail polish. The strips come in dry form comprised of a base, color, and top coat. Products are cruelty free and free of toxic ingredients such as formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, and parabens to name a few.

The line offers Solids ($11), Glitters ($12), Nail Art ($13), and French ($14).

The claims ...
No Dry Time
No Streaks or Smudges
No Heat or Tools Required
Manicures last up to 10 days
Remove with regular nail polish remover

Now let's get into this review!

I'm sure you can see why I was intrigued just from surfing the website! When Jenille, a fellow blogger/Color Street Stylist and I connected on Instagram I jumped at the chance to collab for a product review. I have been diligently testing sets since February (it's now April) and am ready to share my thoughts!

I put on my 1st set in February. Since my nails are short I was able to get a mani and pedi out of one set.

I am going to get right down to it and say I am absolutely OBSESSED with Color Street! I feel naked without a set on! They are easy to apply, last for 10days+ in my case, and my are so affordable (my fave part)!

As far as wear goes, check out my before/afters!

Mani lasted 12 days total!

My right hand (L) shows most wear when up close, but from a far was unnoticeable.

Pedi is still going strong!
No chips or cracks on the tips at all! You can barely see outgrowth at the cuticle, but an easy fix is adding a little clear polish.👌

I will preface this by saying polish typically chips after a few days with traditionally applied polish and let's be honest I literally don't have the time to give myself a mani. Being a Mom, avoiding smudges or waiting for dry time are impossible.

When it comes to application, the strips are easy to apply and a mani can be actually be achieved in minutes. Literally, find the strip that will fit your best, remove the cover and apply! I love that the strips can be gently stretched or excess can easily be removed for the perfect fit.  Did I mention that sets can be layered or cut to create designs? Perfect mani that is customizable in mins without a fuss!

Purchases can be made easily online or direct from a stylist. The company always offers B3G1 on Solids, Glitters, and Nail Art as well as B1G1 on French. Additionally, they offer FREE samples from a stylist that come in a twosie which is 2 strips to try out yourself before you buy. 

Click the link to visit Jenille's IG or website.

She is super sweet and helpful! Btw.... she has an amazing blog with some great recipes! Make sure to follow her and check it out! Tell her I sent ya if you contact her!

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The products mentioned above were provided complimentary for this review and sponsored by Color Street Stylist, Jenille Rimando. 
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