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PMD Beauty Clean Cleansing Device Review

 I'm always looking for ways to level up my skincare routine and have been having FOMO looking at all the cleansing tools on the market. There are so many out there, but I've never grabbed one for myself because they usually require parts to be replaced every few months. Personally, I prefer products that help to reduce my carbon footprint that don't have parts that get dumped continuously into a landfill somewhere.

I was so excited when PMD Beauty gifted me their Clean Smart Facial Cleansing Device. No replacement heads needed here friends and this one checks all the boxes for me! It does not disappoint with its ergonomic design that is small, easy to use, but powerful and convenient without having to worry about charging since it runs on batteries. It's soft silicone bristles are gentle on the skin giving a deep clean while dually giving an anti-aging massage with 7,000 vibrations per minute that does not irritate the skin plus it's both waterproof and antibacterial. Just rinse and let dry for the next use. ⁣So far so good!