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My Fave Hot Tool Set

This mama has not touched the hot tools in a while so a date with my flat iron was much needed.

I feel H U M A N again! πŸ˜†

Seeing my hair after really made me realize how "volumized"
(πŸ™Šcode for poofy) my hair is naturally without it. Guess I should make it a regular thing huh, even while in quarantine!

The Power Couple Set is priced at $169 which is a great value as buying each separately would be more costly and I'm all about saving money! Available in your choice of black, pink, and turquoise (as pictured). The set includes the Fashionista Hair Straightener, 25mm curling wand with heat resistant styling glove, styling comb and styling mat that are packaged in a matching travel case. The hot tools have infrared heat, negative ion technology, and are made with tourmaline ceramic to help the hair to remain hydrated and frizz free. I actually believe this is true because I don't need to use any frizz serum or other styling creams in my hair at all!

This flat iron has been my ride or die and lasted me for
years! Like literally 5 years and I use it daily! It's like the energizer bunny of flat irons! I've tried others from well known brands, but I always come back to this one. I would totally recommend it to friends over and over again! I love this set because the wand is equally amazing plus I love the case and other bonus accessories to keep me from burning myself or the surface I put my hot tools on.

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