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Amazon Blue Light Filtering Glasses

Update 8/5: Resharing this review since these glasses are $3 off! $16.99 vs. $19.99! RUN! 🏃🏾‍♀️

The Product & Claims
(as shown on

TJIN Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Available in 6 colors 
Black $15.99, Leopard $16.99

Now let's get into this review!
If you watch YouTube or scroll IG you have probably come across people talking about blue light filtering glasses. This sparked my interest especially since I myself had been experiencing headaches, tired eyes, and blurry vision after being behind a computer, TV, or phone all day. We have a friend that is ophthalmologist and another that is an optometrist so I asked for their opinion. Both agreed that these glasses generally are great for eye health. From what I gather blue light found in sunlight is great during the day to boost attention, memory, energy, and overall mood. However, blue light suppresses the brain's release of melatonin which is negatively impacted in the evening hours causing lower quality sleep, headaches, eye fatigue, and even retinal damage.

Needless to say, I scooped up a pair for myself that was prime with free returns to test out. The frames are comprised of a sturdy plastic that is also lightweight with clear lenses. They are a unisex, classic style which makes them suitable for both men and women.

My initial concern was fit since I don't have a bridge to hold glasses up, but I am pleased to say that this was a non-issue. The glasses fit perfect and I absolutely love the style.  I noticed when wearing them that I have not experienced headaches, tired eyes, blurriness, or restless sleep vs. days I haven't worn them consistently I have noticed some or a combination of these symptoms.

Overall, the TIJIN brand are by far my favorite. I did try a few different styles and brands before I ordered these, however, these were definitely the best quality as well as the best price. I liked them so much I snagged a 2nd pair! At the price point and free returns its worth a try. We definitely approve and would recommend!

Interested in grabbing a pair for yourself?

Click the link to check it out on Amazon.

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