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Proctect Your Kids with the Safe Word

When I was growing up in the 80s, kidnappings and missing children were becoming more prevalent.  I grew up during a time when there wasn't security at schools and people visiting schools weren't heavily screened like they are today. Kidnappers were luring children to their cars saying they had a puppy to show them or walking onto school yards saying your parents sent me to pick you up.  Like all the concerned parents mine had a conversation with me. They told me not to talk to strangers and to scream, but they didn't feel that was enough. They still felt I would be vulnerable in other scenarios. My parents had to be creative to keep me safe when I was not with them. 

This is when they enforced the safe word or as I knew it "The Code."  This was a secret word or code that only my parents and immediate family knew. If anyone outside of them tried to talk to me or attempted to lure me somewhere, I was to ask for the code first.  Now, let's be clear, this person had to KNOW the code. The rule was no guessing. If I asked for the code, they would repeat it back without hesitation. If the person was sent by any of my immediate family during an emergency, I was not to leave with them unless they knew this code word.

With a new school year coming, this is the perfect time to give your kiddos a secret code of your own!

1) Be sure to choose a word that only your family would know.

2)Choose something that a stranger can't figure out. Nothing that can be guessed or figured out by scrolling your social media accounts.

3) Clearly set the rules with your child. Let them know the expectations of how this code is used.

4) Be sure everyone keeps your chosen code word a secret!

5) Test your kids! This is the perfect way to
make sure they know the rules! Have someone you know, but maybe the kids don't know test the kids use of the code.  See what they do and use it as a learning experience!

May God bless all of your families and keep your little ones safe!

Please spread the word! 
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