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Chefman offers a line of small appliances for your kitchen. The brand's mission is to add real life value providing tools you need to make your life easier and more efficient.

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Now let's get into this review!

I've been wanting to test out an air fryer so I was excited when Chefman sent me this product for review. 

The appliance itself is black with silver accents. It has 2 manual dials; one on top to adjust the temperature and one on the front to set a timer. The appliance has a 3.5L basket that has an adjustable rack with a handle used to fry, roast, and bake foods of your choice. The appliance comes with a recipe book and has a very basic guideline for temperature, cook time, and when to use oil or another liquid. 

We found directions to cook bacon and chicken thighs in the air fryer. We found very simple directions that showed what temp and time that was recommended for use. The bacon was quick to cook and I enjoyed not having to stand behind the stove. It came out very crispy and wasn't oily at all. Baking chicken was also quick to cook, the meat was juicy, and the skin had a perfect crisp to it.

Overall, I am loving this new appliance! Don't be fooled by the size! This little guy packs some muscle being able to execute the same recipes I can with my oven. The best part is it doesn't emit heat like the oven which can make your home unbearable during summer months and clean up is easy! The appliance only requires to wipe  down the outside after use and the interior where the basket rests. The basket itself is dishwasher safe making it convenient to clean as well.

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