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DIY: Blotting Sheets

I was never really interested in blotting sheets before now...(enter dramatic music, MID-30s and oily t-zone). This issue has taken center stage quite literally. Ugh, going from dry skin in my pre-30s to now oily/combo skin has been rough.🀦I'll be honest, I'm still adjusting, but out of sheer desperation to remove the shine, I grabbed some blotting sheets when I was out one day. After using the store bought sheets to mop up this oil slick, I realized I prefer using these more than powdering and it's much less to carry around.

There are lots of brands that have blotting sheets in their lines. They range anywhere from $1 for 75pcs to $35 for 150pcs which breaks down to around $0.02/sheet on the low end or $0.23/sheet on the high end. I knew immediately repurchasing these wasn't going to work when I was tearing through them like hotcakes. I had to find a more cost effective or money conscious option out there (see that play on words😁). Anyhow, I'm sure we've all seen people making their own blotting sheets so I decided I would put this DIY to the test.
Supplies You Will Need:
Dollar Tree Gift Tissue (35sheets for $1)
Pair of Scissors 
Ruler or something to measure
Something to hold the finished product

Its pretty simple. All I did was measure out the size that would fit my container, folded in strips, and cut! Be warned...this took some serious time so put on some tunes or sit in front of the tv and cut away!

I absolutely πŸ’› this DIY! I found the tissue paper feels the same and performs as well as the store bought brands.  These DIYs are just as effective at removing shine without disturbing my makeup at all plus extremely cheap! I was able to make close to 1600 blotting sheets with 1 pack of tissue that I paid $1 which turns out to $0.000625/sheet.  Way under 1cent per sheet! Crazy!

If you try this DIY please tag me! I would πŸ’› to see what you come up with!