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Our Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal

 Finally it is time for our bedroom makeover reveal!

Our bedroom dressers are still in great condition so we decided to save some coin by giving them a new look with new paint and hardware. I grabbed some brushed nickel drawer pulls to replace the old ones and the hubs put on a fresh coat of paint to give them a modern look. He actually found this all-in-one professional paint at Le Marche Emporium that allowed him to paint everything indoors. This paint is non-toxic, doesn't have any fumes or strong chemical smells, and doesn't require priming! This is what they looked like after 24hrs of dry time.

We also upgraded our bedding and it's on sale! We got the 3pc comforter set. Absolutely love the quality and soft chenille palm detail. Also linked a duvet and coverlet option as well. Our throw pillows are also on sale too!