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Eco-Friendly Bamboo Rounds x Tru Earth



If you've been around a while you know we try to be mindful of the products and brands we use. We've been consciously making the switch to more sustainable products and brands to do our part to reduce our families eco-footprint. I’ve done a major overhaul of my beauty routine and have been excited to move from disposable products in my skincare regimen to reusable ones that are better for the environment.

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Tru Earth is well-known for their eco-friendly laundry strips, but they have other environmentally friendly products in their line too.

Tru Earth gifted me their Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads to try out. I thought these would be the perfect solution to replace the disposable cotton rounds I've been using for decades. These are larger than the ones I’ve typically purchased in the past at a little over 3in in size. They are made of 100% natural bamboo fibers, come in a pack of 14 with an assortment of 4 colors, and a reusable cotton laundry bag. The product claims that they are good for 1,000 uses. The rounds themselves have 2 different textured sides, but are very soft on both.

Personally I like to use them to help distribute product when cleansing in place of a face cloth and they work perfectly for that purpose. They can also be used to apply toner or other facial products. If you decide to use them in that way, keep in mind that they will hold onto product, but I would definitely say it's still worth it considering they are reusable.

They can be washed easily if using for cleansing and air dry quickly. I made sure to see how they held up in the laundry for this review and I am glad to report that they wash very well in the laundry bag they come with. The came out like brand new with no trace of makeup residue left behind. Huge win considering they were soiled with foundation, eyeliner, and mascara which can be hard to remove.

For the price point of $22.95 and a total of 14 reusable pieces I definitely see savings replacing your disposable ones while doing your part for your community and the world overall. Totally worth it and I definitely recommend!