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Is Tailwind Really Worth It? Quick Breakdown of the Best Features

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I get lots of questions about how I manage my social media accounts so today I am sharing all the deets!

I like many others do not have the luxury of posting in real time. I mean, who does right? I have tried many (emphasis on many) tools or applications over the years as blogger and this has my favorite features all-in-one which used to require many other apps to achieve. I am excited to share because this super powered tool not only helps this busy mama keep my socials active, but helps make better use of my time so I can spend more of it with my family! I literally pre-plan my feed once a week and let this tool do the rest!

So... you want to know what it is, right? 


it's Tailwind

Back when I started blogging they were known as the premier Pinterest scheduler, but now they have integrations for Facebook and Instagram too! Say what?!?! They offer many features and are constantly adding new ones that make the life of a creator much easier.  

Here's is a quick snapshot of the most important features to-date in my humble opinion. Be sure you stay to the end for a surprise bonus. 

Approved Partner/3rd Party

Tailwind is an official Instagram and Pinterest Partner. This means you can use the tool without the worry of account safety or being blocked for using a 3rd party app.

Account Analytics

Social media analytics are free, but Tailwind's Insights Dashboard also shows follower growth and post engagement to name a few all rolled into one. 

Auto-Post Your Content 

Save time and skip manually posting to your feed by scheduling a single photo, video, and the most recently added feature... carousels!  Select a specific date/time of your choosing or schedule in the next available time slot to cross-post to Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest simultaneously. By default the post method is set to Auto Post, but you can also choose a Mobile Post Notification or SMS Notification to your phone if you prefer.  

Photo Editor & Grid Preview

Upload content from desktop or mobile and tag as well as crop.  This section was recently leveled up with the added convenience of editing your photos and previewing your feed before posting too!

Caption Options 

Use styled fonts, emojis, link breaks (no coding experience req'd), and location tagging. You can also schedule a Smart.Bio Link while you are there as well. More on Smart.Bio below 😉 


When drafting your caption, Tailwind offers auto-generated hashtag suggestions that are the perfect fit for each post. Add suggested hashtags with one click, search hashtags, and save custom lists of your faves to be used over and over again. This has made my hashtag strategy a breeze!

Smart Schedule 

No more trying to figure out the best time to post!  Tailwind analyzes your social media account to identify times your followers are most active. Then they provide a unique schedule so you can post when your audience is most engaged.  This has helped my account get the consistent engagement I wanted so much! is Tailwind's solution to the limited single link we have in our social media bios. This provides a unique URL to a landing page that you customize with buttons and links to your most important content.  Add this to the bio of your social media accounts to help drive traffic wherever you'd like. You also get some slick analytics that provide the total number of visits to your URL, link clicks, and click through rate performance

Tailwind Trial

If you aren't intrigued by now, I think this little nugget will push you over the edge... Tailwind offers everyone that hasn't tried the application before a Free Trial! And this trial is based upon 30 posts and 100 pins vs. the date your trial begins. Love this because you can really get a feel for the platform before deciding to make the investment. Interested in taking Tailwind for a spin? Click here I got you 😊

If you made it to the end of this post you the MVP! 
Thanks for stopping by!