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How to Talk to Kids About Sexual Abuse

As a parent sometimes it can be difficult to talk with our children especially when the topics are tough, but preparing them for difficult scenarios and what they should do in those cases are necessary in the world we live in today. 

There are many resources available to help start conversations from very young about an array of topics, but I myself never thought to look for things to help discuss...

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I know it's scary to think about, but starting this conversation early is so important.  That is why I'm happy to be sharing this amazing children's book called the Super Agent Safety Squad. 

It is available on Amazon and comes in a iillustrated packaging. The book has an introduction packed with statistics and tools to help adults that may not know much about abuse including the signs to look for.

The book itself is awesome and written perfectly  for children to understand while also being educational. I love that the writer used the concept of a stop light for children to use as a guide to assess situations. Absolutely brilliant! My son is 7 and it was easy for him to grasp the lessons.

The book also has queues throughout to pause and discuss before moving on making the experience interactive.  Pausing ensures expectations, boundaries, and actions are clearly set between parent and child.  I definitely recommend this for all parents. It's informative and helps make an uncomfortable topic easier to discuss. I actually walked away feeling relieved that we did it!

Click here to 👉🏽Shop My Amazon to grab a copy! Would be perfect for yourself, family, or friends!

Big thanks to the writer, Denize Rodrigues for writing this book and gifting it to me to share!

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