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Tangle gripper Hair Tool Review

The Company
The Tangle gripper is a Canadian based company that offers a innovative hair tool that aids in detangling. The product is manufactured, assembled and shipped from Canada. It is available for purchase from their website, in many Canadian storefronts, and on Amazon.

The Product & Claims
(as shown on

Tangle gripper, $19.99

 $19.99 CAD on company website

 $19.99 USD Prime

  • Made with the highest quality medical grade ABS plastic 
  • Portable & built to last
  • Reusable for multiple applications; saving time & money on detangling products
  • Less effort to comb (arthritis)
  • Only product on market that guarantees to grip your hair with less breakage
  • Made for any hair type including delicate hair extensions
  • Can be used wet or dry

Now let's get into this review!

The product itself is a simple, sleek black design with a harder plastic on the outside and a softer material on the inside that is used to grip the hair.

My niece has always been extremely tender headed so I was excited when Tangle gripper contacted me to review this product. I figured she would be the perfect candidate since brushing out her curls is usually a painful and tearful experience. On the day we tested this out, we tried it with her hair damp.
The product itself is easy to use and I found I needed to apply less pressure when gripping the hair in sections than using my hand alone. The combination of the tool gripping the hair and slight pressure applied by hand helped to keep the hair from being yanked at the root. I am happy to report we succeeded in brushing her hair without any tears or wimpering!

If you're in need of a tool to help detangle your locks or someone else's, you need this product! 

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