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Defaith 24K Gold Rose Classic Ivory Drop Earring Review

The Company
DEFAITH is seller that can be found in the Amazon Marketplace.  
They specialize in gifts for all occasions that are made with real roses.  Their mission is to deliver love and faith to the special people in your life with gifts that are meaningful.  

The Product & Claims
(as shown on Amazon)

The product information states the earrings are made with an elegant design and are handmade from a real rose making them one-of-a-kind. The gold roses undergo a lengthy process that includes 65 steps that preserve the flower's original beauty and color. Each rose is handpicked at the peak of its bloom. During the process they are coated in lacquer with the edges and stems trimmed in 24K gold. 

Now let's get into this review!

I purchased these earrings for $39.99 on Amazon with my prime membership. The item itself shipped quickly and arrived in a jewelry box with velvet lining. The ones I ordered were in the color ivory with a gold trim around the edges of the petals.  The roses are anchored on shepard's hook ear wires with coils which allow them to hang below the ear.

The earrings themselves feature roses that are slightly smaller than the size of a penny. Upon wear, the earrings are very light and do not pull on the earlobe. The design is very classic and the roses are the perfect size. The earrings seem to be made well and are very high-quality. 

Check out these shots with the earrings on!
I have to say the earrings themselves are absolutely stunning in person and are the perfect addition to any outfit.  I would definitely purchase these as a gift for someone in the future.  I am going to check out the other jewelry they have in the line and will probably purchase these as a gift.  They would be the perfect gift for any occasion and with prime you get them fast! Great job DEFAITH! You have a new customer in me! 

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