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Eat Well Be Well VoxBox Review

I received this Eat Well Be Well VoxBox courtesy of Influenster. This box included the Glutino Gluten Free Pretzel Twists, recipe cards, as well as coupons to grab a few products of my choice from Earth Balance, Evol, and Udi's from my local grocery store. 

My 4 year old son ate the Glutino Gluten Fee Pretzel Twists before I could taste them, however, he did say he liked them.
  If he wasn't able to tell the difference in the recipe that is definitely a good sign. 🖒to Glutino!

Here were my picks and reviews of the products I chose from the grocery store. 

Earth Balance Original Buttery Spread
This butter is vegan, derived from plants, and Non-GMO. I used this to "butter" the pan when I made pancakes for my family. The final product had a buttery flavor, but the pancakes were not greasy nor did they leave behind an oily residue on the plate. 

I also received a recipe for these gluten free peanut butter chocolate cookies using the Earth Balance Butter. These cookies were a hit! I will definitely be making these again!
Overall, we enjoyed this butter so that we used it all! We will definitely be repurchasing this again in the future.

Evol. Uncured Ham & Egg Burrito
I purchased this breakfast burrito from the frozen food section. It was not only easy to grab and take to work for one of those crazy mornings, but the burrito was very flavorful while convenient. I love that this fast and healthier recipe option is available at my local grocery store.

Udi's Gluten Free Double Chocolate Muffins
These muffins are gluten free and came in a package of 4.  I have to say they were a bit difficult to find in-store as I found them in the frozen food section. Overall, they had a very rich chocolate flavor and good taste, but were a bit heavy in texture for my taste. I prefer muffins to be a fluffier texture and more like cake. If you don't mind the texture, then these are definitely a great option. 


The products mentioned above were provided complimentary for this review and sponsored by Influenster.
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