Spring Organization at Dollar Tree

Today I am so excited to share my favorite place for items to organize my home because they are so affordable.  With this whole Marie Kondo craze I know I am not the only one that was inspired to make some changes. So... when Dollar Tree reached out to me for this collab I jumped at the chance to work with them because I visit the store OFTEN. Let's just leave it at that. LOL 🤣

I live in a small place so I picked up a few items to help maximize space in one of my kitchen cabinets, my fridge, and hall closet all for under $20! Just a few small changes helped to make the spaces a bit more appealing to the eye and my stress levels.🤭

Here are the 3 items I used!

Soda Can Organizer, Wire Shelf Organizer & White Basket 
Take a look at these before and afters!
Not hugely dramatic, but definitely an improvement.

This particular cabinet is where we store our snacks and miscellaneous foods, however,the upper portion of the cabinet was dead space. I used plastic canned food organizers and shelf organizers to give me an additional shelf as well as make good use of the space that wasn't being used before.

The fridge had absolutely NO ORGANIZATION😬 before so it was easy to add a few of those canned food organizers to hold my son's juice pouches and other loose items in the fridge easily to get rid of the clutter.  With the add of these small items, I can actually see what I have. Now.. if only I could get the hubbie to use them 🤔

The hall closet was a pretty organized space before this, but I was self-admittedly using the Marie Kondo shoebox method which wasn't easy on the eyes with a bunch of different colored boxes. An easy fix was to grab a few tall baskets to contain our miscellaneous items. The definitely helped to conceal the items so they aren't such an eye sore.

What are your favorite items from the Dollar Tree?


The products mentioned above were provided complimentary for this review and sponsored by Dollar Tree. 
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