Replacing the Battery & Re-Programming Your Car Key for FREE

Has your car key fob died before?

Recently mine did and needed not only the battery replaced, but reprogrammed so it would lock and unlock both the car as well as the trunk. If you search the internet for estimates of what a dealer charges to reprogram your key, the cost ranges from $80 to a couple hundred dollars. That being said, I searched for a DIY way. 

Here is how I did both all for the cost of only the battery! 

Buy a Replacement Battery
This type of battery can be purchased at many different stores, however if you are unsure of what type you need I recommend visiting your local auto part store. They can help you figure out the type of battery you need for your key fob. 

Replacing the Battery
1) Remove the screw from the key fob. 
The Dollar Tree Eyeglass Repair Kit has 3 tiny screwdrivers that are the perfect size to remove these size screws. 

2) Use a butter knife or flat head screwdriver to wedge open the key fob.

3) Carefully remove the battery and replace without touching the motherboard or other battery components. Then replace with the new battery. Next line the front and back key parts up and press together until they snap shut. Then secure the screw removed from the 1st step to ensure the fob stays together. 

Reprogram Your Key Fob
I followed the directions from this video for my Honda. This works for the Accord, Civic, Element, and Pilot Models. Just remember when you complete all of the steps and get out of your car to test it out to be sure to wait a minute before pressing the unlock button otherwise your lock button will be programmed to unlockšŸ¤¦‍♀️. 

Good luck and hope that helps save you time as well as some dolla dollašŸ’µ! 

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