The Impact of a Small Gesture

Just a reminder that small gestures and random acts of kindness can have a huge impact. 😁

For many years there has been a vendor that visits our office. Everytime he walks by my desk we exchange a simple hello, smile, and as he leaves I tell him to have a great day.  Today we had the same exchange as usual, but this time he stopped to tell me I am the only person he sees that greets him with a smile and hello so he wanted to express his appreciation for that.  Crazy how a simple, very small gesture spurred a convo, but I thanked him for his kind words. The question of why came up somehow during our chat and my reply was "Simple.. It's not me it's Him. All day, everyday!"🙌 He smiled and said, "For me too!" Thankful this little gesture gave the opportunity to share God at work. So I am giving Him all the praise and thanking Him for using me!

Give thanks to the Lord &  proclaim his greatness. Let the whole world know what he has done. ~Psalms 105:1 NLT

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