Lala Leggings Review

I confess pre-motherhood that I used to hate seeing chicas walking around in leggings at all times of the year.  Fast forward to now...being a busy mom, I admit I wear my leggings as pants regularly! Lol πŸ˜‚  I πŸ’› my leggings! They are extremely comfy, but also fashionable.

Let me preface this review by saying I am going to beπŸ’― and keep it real! No shade or hating, that's just not my style.  With that being said, if you love leggings I'm sure you've heard of Lula Roe. This company is why my obsession began! Now let's be clear, I will continue to be a Lula Lover FOREVER! This, however, posed a major problem for my pocketbook! Don't get me wrong I continue to purchase Lula because they have a lot of very unique prints that other companies don't, but I needed to find leggings that fit my budget so I could continue to shop, but also splurge on those must-have Lula prints! So the search began... 

LaLa Leggings are made with the same blend of material that the other brands (wink-winkπŸ˜‰πŸ‘Œ) are made of, 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex. They feel very soft and are not see through. In comparison, the only major difference is they are a wee-bit thinner than the other brand and not all prints have the yoga waistband.  The leggings are great quality, comfy to wear, and they wash well.

The company has a nice range to shop. You can choose regular or yoga waistbands plus many different styles such as capris, active, mommy and me leggings as well as other clothing on the site. The legging size range is similar as well with OS(one size) and EC (extra curvy).  The best part is the company releases new styles every week!

Let's get down to brass tax and talk money! The price point ranges from $14 to $26. When you place an order tax applies, BUT shipping is FREE for US orders! I am a sucker for free shipping!

Now here is the part that got me! I have joined many a direct sales company in my day so I found a local rep to ask all the important questions. I am going to break it down for ya, no BS!  Joining gives you an on-going 25% discount on personal purchases and 25% commission if you choose to sell. There are no hidden fees, no minimums to meet, or website fees! Seriously, there is no catch! That was all I needed to hear! I joined during a free sign-up offer myself and have been using the discount since! These leggings were originally $16, but after my discount they were $12+tax with FREE SHIPPING! Yaaassss! πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†
If you are like me and πŸ’› to save some dolla-dolla billsπŸ’΅, now is the perfect time to join! Signing up is FREE through 10/26 at 9pm PST. 
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  1. All this seems very nice. I am also going to start working out and have already invested in the Designer Leggings and stylish tank tops. One thing that I liked about the leggings is that they are stretchy so I don't feel uncomfortable in that. I am sure that this gear will be helping me to perform with super ease.