DIY Character Bath Pouf Hack

If you have little ones you probably have accessories in their favorite characters that live in your shower or bathtub. 

A few years ago, one of my close girlfriend's and blogging BFF sent this shower set to my son for Christmas (shout out to LivBeautified 😜check her blog out). I couldn't bare to toss these adorable characters that my son loves so much once the poufs needed to be replaced so I managed to find a way to keep using them With this quick method my son has been able to continue to enjoy his fave characters every time he washes up in the shower.  

Project Time: 

What You'll Need: 
Scissors, Bakers Twine or Similar String, & New Pouf

Where to Buy: 
I picked up my supplies from the Dollar Tree but can be purchased from a store of your choice. 

Total Cost: 
$3 (I purchased 2 poufs)


1) Spread the pouf to expose the string connected to the character.  
When you find the the hole in the character piece where the string has been strung through, cut it.  This will remove the character from the used pouf. 
2) Take the baker's twine and cut a string long enough to wrap around and tie the pouf.
Take the twine and string through the hole found on the character piece leaving excess on each side.  

3) Grab your new pouf and find the string or rope used for hanging in the shower.  
Follow the rope downward and begin spreading the material until you find the base where the rope is attached.  Place your character piece in front of the rope as desired nestling it as close to the base as possible. I personally like to place the character directly in front of the rope. Next take one end of the twine and place it under the rope that is holding the pouf together and pull through.  

4) Now begin spreading the material around the pouf on each side and placing the string as close to the base as possible.  Repeat on each side until the end of the string meet. Then tightly tie the ends together in a double knot and and cut the excess. 

Voila! All finished! 

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