Affordable Drugstore Highlight

Time to confess about the new highlight in my collection! I have been using this lil fella for a month and have to admit I am LIVING for this highlight! 😍🙃

The product is Maybelline's Expertwear Mono Eyeshadow in the shade 60S, The Glo Down. I know you are probably thinking it's an eyeshadow, but it is amazing as a highlighter. 

I honestly love it more than Maybelline's Metallic Highlighter. 

I swatched both to show the difference. I only had to swatch The Glo Down once and you can see how rich and creamy it is while I had to swatch Molten Gold 3 times to build up the color. 
The Glo Down formula is extremely creamy, feels very luxurious, and is richly pigmented. Not only does it give a beautiful glow, but for less than $3 it is perfect for any budget!

This pic was taken 12 hours after application and it still looks great! 

What's your fave affordable highlight? Share ⤵

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