Makeup Sponge Cleansing Hack Tested!

I have to confess that the task of washing my brushes and beauty sponges is daunting. I put it off quite often because I dread the time and effort I know will be spent in the bathroom to tackle this task. 

Recently, I stumbled upon this lovely YouTuber's video and decided to try her hack for cleaning my beauty sponges. I figured, why not? Best case scenario it works.

Check out Kayleigh Noelle's YouTube video for the full tutorial!

Well I tried this and was ecstatic with the outcome! This technique works great to clean not only sponges, but also makeup brushes! It saves time and eliminates steps from the cleaning process entirely. No more using baby shampoo or having to purchase one of those gimmicky texturized tools for your cleaning regimen! Save your money people! All that's needed is a bar of soap of your choice and warm water! 

 The only thing I did differently is I used a paraben free bar of soap. The soap I used has coconut oil in it which not only leaves a fresh and pleasant scent, but also conditioned the bristles of my brushes, leaving them extremely soft. 
WIN-WIN for sure! 

Here is the soap that I use-

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