Holy Grail: Round-Up of Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes

This year is just flying by so I thought I would start rounding up products by category that are my ride or dies! Join me by checking out the 1st installment in the series starting with my fave eyeshadow palettes. These are palettes I have been loving for quite sometime and are part of my regular line-up! I love e.l.f. and BH cosmetics because they make good quality shadows with great pigmentation at a price point that is affordable for any budget.  All of these products are less than $13 each! Definitely can't beat that! 

Now let's get into it! 
This palette has 28 neutral shades comprised of both matte and shimmer shadows. The packaging is a little big, but this is easily outweighed by all the benefits in my eyes.  The palette has an awesome selection of transition, crease, highlight, and deeper shades all in one place. All of the colors are very versatile.  I love that the color hues in the the palette are perfect to achieve that subtle day look and can be easily dialed up a notch for a bold evening look as well. For that reason, this is one of my trusted go-to's for travel. The shadows have great pigmentation, are true to color, and blend seamlessly. The only downfall is when dipping your brush into the pan to pickup some shadow they do kick up quite a bit of fallout.  At any rate, for the more bold looks I love pairing the shimmer shadows on the center of the lid with my favorite glitter primer to pack on that color and bring out the boldness of the shade. Of course, being on a budget you can't beat 28 shades for $12.50 which translates to approximately $0.45/shade. Now who can beat that! 

2. e.l.f Cosmetics Mad for Matte  & Need It Nude Eyeshadow Palettes
Both palettes have 10 shades. The packaging is very sleek, compact (making them both perfect for travel), and they have a nicely sized mirror that spans the width of the entire palette.  Gotta love a good sized mirror that you can see both eyes in when applying shadows! As far as the shadows themselves, they are richly pigmented, creamy in texture, definitely are true to color, and also blend seamlessly.  Again, the only downfall is these shadows do have fallout when picking them up from the pan, but that definitely isn't turning me away. The matte palette has shadows with a satin finish. This one has colors from neutrals to gray tones and has the most perfect matte black to deepen up those looks. Of course, if you are in a pinch and don't have brow or liner there are some shades here that can help you achieve that. The black is perfect for a natural liner too.  Again, this baby is great for day or evening looks also.  The Need It Nude palette has shades obviously in the nude range, but this one is comprised of matte and shimmer shadows. I also like using a glitter primer to bring out the boldness of the shimmer colors out as well.  Some of the the Need It Nude shimmer shades are perfect to highlight. Yes! Multi-purpose! Love that!   To sum it up, these little guys costs $10 each which works out to $1/shade. Not too shabby!  Perfect for any budget! 

Hope you enjoyed my faves! Stay tuned for the next in the series coming to you in the near future!

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