My 4 Go-To Apps for Daily Bible Study

With the start of every year, people always begin New Years Resolutions with the "New Year, New You" mindset. People begin eating healthy, going to the gym, only to give up a few months into the year.  I realized that people stop their resolutions because they set unrealistic goals so I set out to think of real attainable goals that will improve my life in general. 

Over the years, I have made many strides towards my own personal growth. With the start of year, I am continuing commit everyday to making the Lord a priority in my life. Growing intimacy and getting to know Our Lord on a deeper level is a must. 

Here are the apps I have on my phone to feed my spiritual growth- 

1) OnePlace to listen to my favorite ministries no matter where I am
2) YouVersion to deliver my daily scripture 1st thing in the morning or a daily reading plan for a specific topic,
3) Abide to listen to an audio prayer before I start my day

 Studying the bible consistently has been an area that I've struggled with.  I have a hardcover Life Application Study Bible that I love, but when trying to read on the go, forget to grab it when running out the door.  There are so many apps on the market and I was happy to find this exact study bible right there waiting for me on Google Play! It's perfect! It has all the functionality of the hardcover version conveniently loaded on my phone!

If you are interested in joining me on this reading journey here are the apps I mentioned above available for free from Google Play- 

The Life Application Study Bible is also available for $19.99 from Google Play. It is definitely worth the investment! 

Lord, thank you that you are a shield, a Savior and a provider. 
Help me to keep trusting in you and not to be afraid. 
Help me to keep you as the number one priority in my life. 

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