Review of Shabby Creek on Main

2670 N Main St, Walnut Creek, CA 94597

I love to shop at consignment, thrift, and specialty stores with handcrafted items. There is something to be said about shopping in stores such as these since they offer items that are one of a kind.

A few weeks ago I visited a store here in the SF Bay area by the name of Shabby Creek on Main which is located in Walnut Creek, CA. This store is especially unique as there are over 18 vendors  that offer items for sale that are custom, handcrafted, and vintage. Each of the vendors has their own specialty offering handmade pieces such as metals signs, wood signs, reclaimed tops, refurbished pieces as well as custom work including embroidery, woodwork, and custom paint of your own furniture.

Here are my thoughts about the store and items I found while I was shopping. 

First off, I have to say this store is jam packed with lots of items so I would definitely recommend giving yourself time to really see all there is to offer.  

Use of tables, vanities, shelving units and other furniture displayed with items that naturally belong together are not only a great use of space in the store, but are staged very well. This is appealing visually to the consumer to show how the pieces may be used. For example, seeing a dining table with place settings can be very useful for a consumer to make a purchase with confidence since they were able to visualize how this piece would look in their own home. 

If you are just starting out, looking to refresh your dinnerware, glassware, or looking for serving dishes this is definitely the place to do so. You can find beautiful pieces perfect for a tea party, baby, or bridal shower. This store offers unique, vintage items such as dinnerware sets, dessert pedestals, glassware and much more.

Vintage Plate sets, service for 10 $70
Vintage glassware set of 6 for $34
Dessert pedestals from $8 to 18
They also carry beautiful custom made embroidered items like kitchen towels, place mats, aprons, as well as blankets.

Embroidered towels from $9 - $12ea
Embroidered Blankets $26 - $79ea
Embroidered Place mats $6- $9ea
Embroidered Aprons

I found that they have lots of vintage furniture. Since the furniture is dated from the pre-1980s the pieces were made with better, high-quality materials. The best part about this is you will find sturdy, durable pieces that are refurbished with a more modernized and on trend appearance. Pricing varied, but seemed like you can get "more for your buck" than the big box stores with seemingly better quality. I saw many dining sets, vanities, dressers, hutches, and shelving units that had beautiful custom paint that gave new life to the pieces.This place is the perfect place to pick up one-of-a-kind furniture for your home. 

In addition, most of the vendors have handcrafted furniture. These pieces are very high quality being built with durable and sturdy materials.
Lastly, there were some great decor pieces to spruce up the look of your living space including custom signs, artistic metal pieces, wall art, and many other unique decor items. 

Customs signs from $10 to $32
Artistic Metal Signs from $4 to $30
All of the vendors price their own items and run their own sales. This is great benefit to the consumer as it offers flexibility in pricing. In addition, the vendors seem willing to negotiate the price of the items as well.

Overall, I definitely think if you live in the area or are visiting, making a stop into the store is worth it. They have great items with great prices! I actually left the dsy of this review with some awesome Christmas decor that made our home more festive. Score! 🙌

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