Glitter & Vinyl Designs Product Review

Let me preface this review by saying I enjoy supporting brands that are owned and run by women. 

The Company
A California company and brand owned by a woman named Kay Robins. As the website says, "Glitter and Vinyl Designs thrives on bringing the sparkle to every situation" with their product line that includes custom drink-ware, prints, as well as apparel for mothers and their littles. 

Glitter and Vinyl designs sent me these beauties for this review.

Now, let's get to the review!


Can we just take a moment to take in how adorable this shipping box is?
The products came in this very cute branded box and the inside kept with the color scheme from the outside.appreciate the time, effort, and thought that companies put into branding not only their product, but the package they send to their consumers. There is something to be said about paying attention to small details such as this and the feeling you get as a consumer when you receive a package that isn't just a regular box. This creates a positove consumer experience that I definitely appreciate!  

The Products

Wake Slay Repeat Mug
Price: $14 (11oz), $15 (15oz)
I absolutely 💙 this mug! It has an adorable, blinged out pineapple, and a cute saying. This is the 11oz size, is made very well, and lightweight. This has quickly become my new fave!

Wife, Mom, Boss Tee 
Price: $24 
(available in black & long sleeve)
I personally 💙 tees that have sayings on them. Tees like this are very trendy and can be worn on casual days or dressed up. This tee is very lightweight, soft, comfortable, and true to size.  The design on the front is adorable and fitting for all mothers out there! For the price point and quality, this ks a basic that is affordable for any budget. 

Interested in these products? 
Shop the Glitter and Vinyl Designs Website
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The products mentioned above were provided complimentary for this review and sponsored by Glitter and Vinyl.
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