Perfect DIY Home French Mani/Pedi

Call me old school, but I have always loved the Classic French Manicure and Pedicure! 
Over the years I have tried many ways to get the perfect clean and crisp white tip. I've painted the french tip freehand and have used tip guides, however, the method I have been using for many years always gives a perfectly painted tip that you can accomplish at home. This method is easy, affordable, and fail proof!

My secret is I use these sheer spot bandages. Yes, I use bandaids for my mani/pedis! They have the perfect curvature and have the right amount of adhesive to ensure a clean, mess proof line every time!

Here is how I accomplish my Perfect DIY Home French Mani/Pedi:

1. Apply 1 spot bandage on each nail. 

Remove the paper and place the bandage where you would like. When placing the bandage on your nail, keep in mind the width you desire for your tip. 
When applying the bandage be sure it has adhered around the nail well to ensure polish is not able to travel underneath. 

2. Use your favorite white nail polish and paint on the tip. You don't have to apply the polish carefully at all. Apply the polish by painting over the edge of the bandage and covering the exposed part of the nail. 

3. Give the polish ample time to dry.

4. Once the polish has dried, carefully remove the bandage from each nail to reveal the perfect white tip!

Here are my pedi results! 

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