My Fave Bible Apps

Having difficulty dedicating time to nurture your relationship with God? I have the perfect solution for the busy parent to get your dose of the Word in your daily routine.

Here are my favorite bible apps for my smart phone:
What I love about these apps is that they have push notifications that you can set to be sent to your phone daily during the morning and evening at the times you specify . Both are also free apps, however, they do have a paid monthly subscription option for added features. 

There are some big differences with these apps, which is why I love them together! 

Plays audio prayer and readings

Other features: 
Daily scripture from bible app
Prayers separated by topic

Paid Features ($4.99/mo):
In-Depth Guides
Prayer Stream
Premium Prayer Music

Daily Bible Devotion
Daily devotional that you can read. 

Other features: 
Bible trivia
Bible humor

Paid Features ($0.99/mo or $10/yr):
Access to hundreds of resources
Ad removal

Personally, I am planning to buy the paid version of both. No better way to spend your money than to nurture your relationship with our Lord!

What resources do you use to feed your soul? 

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