My Go-To Hack to Highlight & Conceal

Hello my lovies! Today I am revealing my go-to hack for how I highlight and conceal!
Instead of using seperate products to highlight and conceal, I use one product. If your anything like me and you have issues with concealers creasing, I have the solution for you!
I dislike how concealers have such a small amount of product especially since I have to be mindful of cost plus it's always a battle to fight creasing. So... I have been on the hunt for a solution and I'm happy to report that I have finally found it!

Here ks the 411! Do you have a liquid foundation that you love and doesn't crease? I do! My go'to method for highlighting and concealing is using my fave liquid foundation, but 2 shades lighter than my normal color. This has been a lifesaver for me! This gived me that demi-matte highlight/conceal to the center of the face and I don't have to worry about creasing under my eyes.
Not only do you get way more product this way which will save you money in the long run, but it works beautifully!

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