HOLY GRAIL OR EPIC FAIL: Nailhur Resusable Manicure

Its time to find out if another product passes with flying colors as a Holy Grail or is an Epic Fail! Today's review is of the Nailhur Reusable Manicure. I won't make you wait until the end of this post to find out that my final verdict is... HOLY GRAIL!

This is a product that is regularly $39.99, but dont fret! Use my coupon code to pickup a set for yourself at 65% off!

Now these manicures have some pretty awesome features that I was immediately in love with!

1. The manicures have a 10 day wear, but unlike other throw away brands, they are reusable for up to 20 wears! Yes you heard me right! 20 wears which equals 200 days!

2. These manicures are easy to remove! Instead of soaking your hands in nail polish remover, all you do is soak your hands in warm water and gently remove.

3. Each manicure comes with a special glue. Since the glue loosens by being submerged in warm water, it does not damage your nail beds. You can safely remove the nails and not have dry, brittle, and thin nails as with extended wear of false nails.

Each set comes in a box with a nail file, glue, and 24 nails. The site offers different nail shapes like squaletto, stiletto, oval, etc. Some of the sets are plain with a single color while others offer a combination of designs, colors, and embellishments like blinged out treasure nails!

This is most definitely a great bargain on a product that works! I am obsessed! I have 9 sets! Lol  

Visit their website to purchase a manicure of your own!  Don't forget to use the coupon code "jamyka" to get 65% off!

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