Holy Grail: September Faves

I am absolutely in love with this! Not only is the under eye concealer great to brighten up the area, but it's creamy and blends beautifully. I wouldn't recommend using the white highlight under your eyes, but it is amazing as a brow bone highlight. I don't know what it is, but it does something to define and highlight that area perfectly everytime! Great find for $3.

2. Yes to Tomatoes Clarifying Mud Mask
This mask is AMAZING! It does exactly as the product claims and clarifies your skin! I love using this to spot treat pimples because it's guaranteed to remove the inflammation and get rid of it quickly! Great buy to have at home ready for those skin emergencies at $15.99.

3. Ulta Illuminating Powder
I have both colors, Yellow and Pink Diamond. These two powder highlights are always in my makeup kit, but I never hear anyone talking about them. They are smooth, easy to apply, and highly pigmented for that perfect sunkissed glow. Who can beat that for $10. Plus if you use that coupon for $3.50 of $10 you can get this baby for an even better deal!

4. L'Oréal Voluminous Superstar Mascara
Now, I have tried just about every fiber mascara on the market and I have finally found my drugstore holy grail! I love that the packaging is a dual sided tube and is not bulky like some of the others out. This makes it easy to throw in your purse when your on the go. Step 1 is a white mascara primer. I love this because it makes it super easy to see the areas you may have missed when applying Step 2 the actual mascara. It's totally build-able and gives both length as well as volume. I've seen this mascara range from $7-$12, but try to grab it somewhere you can get the best deal by using a coupon!

5. NYX Dark Circle Concealer
I can't say enough about this guy! This concealer is creamy, pigmented, bendable and full coverage. It definitely does an amazing job covering dark circles and for only $6. 

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