NuMe Classic Curling Wand Review

I recently purchased the NuMe Classic 25mm Curling Wand and I have to say, I love it!
I was able to purchase it at a discount using a coupon code and it is an amazing product! I received it in the mail in a few days after I placed my order using standard shipping. When looking on the website you have a few color options, but I ordered mine in pink.

It comes with a black glove to be used when using the wand to protect your hand from burns. 

Here are a few pics of my hair after using the wand! I absolutely love that you can achieve tight or loose waves depending upon the time you hold your hair on the wand. For this look, I finger brushed the curls out to loosen them up. I love the way it turned out! I think I found my next fave hair style! 

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