Holy Grail or Epic Fail: E.L.F Hydrating Under Eye Primer Review

Its time to find out if another product passes with flying colors as a Holy Grail or is an Epic Fail! Today's review is of the E.L.F. Hydratimg Under Eye Primer. I won't make you wait until the end of this post to find out that my final verdict is HOLY GRAIL!

This is a product that is not only affordable at $3, but is great for under eye hydration especially in more mature skin.  I recommend this lil' guy to clients all the time and it instantly becomes a Holy Grail in their beauty and skincare regimen. To top it off, it is paraben free, which I love!

It comes in a small pump style package which is not only more sanitary, but convenient and easy for travel. The product is a pink color and is very light. Its consistency is similar to a daytime moisturizer. Once applied you instantly feel a cooling sensation and under eye concealer applies noticeably smoother.

This is most definitely a great bargain on a product that works! In California it is sold in Target and Walmart stores. You can also visit here to purchase the product!

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