Holy Grail or Epic Fail: BomBeauty Review

Yey! It's time for product review! The infamous question will be answered..."Holy Grail" or "Epic Fail?"

BomBeauty and I stumbled upon eachother on Instagram. After watching a single,15 second video I was totally hooked and ready to order! I ordered this little beauty and was very anxious to try it! I was obsessively checking my mail awaiting the arrival of the package!

A little background on the product...the Bom is a silicone tool used to help ease cleaning your makeup brushes and sponges. Instead of using your hands alone to scrub your makeup tools, you use the Bom.

I tested it out and cleaned my Real Techniques Beauty Sponge. I will admit (this is really bad, shame on me), but this little guy has not been that lovely peachy color since I purchased it. This sponge has never been cleaner since washing with this amazing tool!

I am LOVING my Bom! It only took a few minutes to clean this sponge and rid it of all the foundation caked on it!  Also, since my hands were only in water for a short period of time...no "pruney" hands from washing forever! BONUS!!!

In regard to customer service they were equally amazing! I commented on their Instagram before I placed my order with some questions and they responded immediately. Shipping was also fast!


Visit their website to get yours today! Want to see more video reviews? Follow their Instagram @ilovebombeauty and shout me out to let them know I sent you!

**All products used in this review were purchased with my own money. This review was not sponsored nor am I affiliated with BomBeauty in any way.

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