Harmful Toxins in Beauty & Personal Care Products

A few years ago I began doing research on beauty products after I stumbled upon a video on YouTube. This really opened my eyes and have found a lot of important things out.

The cosmetic/beauty industry is a $50 billion industry and the FDA does not regulate it. There is a small list of ingredients that are forbidden for use in products, but you should also know that lots of companies use variations of these ingredients. Ingredients are prohibited for use in children’s products but are not regulated in other everyday products. Lots of carcinogens (cancer producing agents) are found in our everyday products, food, etc. These ingredients usually are what cause us to have skin reactions like dermatitis, etc., plus later in life these toxins can be linked to cancer. For example, some of the statistics I’ve read state that 8 out of 10 breast cancer patients have specific toxins in their bodies that are linked to cancer, specifically parabens. Also, statistics say testing the umbilical cord after birth shows signs of toxins as well. In essence, babies are being born into pollution. Statistics also show that these ingredients can cause cancers of different types for men, women, and children alike. For example, neurological cancer, skin cance...the list goes on! It’s important to be aware of the products that we are using on us and our families.

Some toxic ingredients to lookout for are:

  1. Oils- Mineral oil

  2. Parabens

  3. Synthetic Fragrances

  4. Colorings

  5. Alcohol

  6. Sulfates including Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

  7. Phthalates

  8. Talc
You can do a simple google search regarding toxins in products and you can see for yourself! Sad that most consumers have no idea what is actually in the stuff  we use everyday.

Educate yourselves!

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