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Meet Your New Travel Bestie - the Rydir Band!

If y'all travel.. the Rydir band is the accessory you need!

We gave this baby a whirl on a recent trip and it was such a lifesaver! Love that this solved a problem we all face with luggage!  

Say hello to effortless, hands-free travel. No more wheeling in your luggage fighting to balance awkardlly positioned bags on top that fall off🤦🏾‍♀️ The Rydir band allows you to use the vertical space.. no trolley sleeve required! It's super stretchy design is the perfect fit to secure any travel bag and protects from scuffs too! This product folds flat for easy packing, comes in a bunch of colors to match any aesthetic, and is machine washable. Care is a breeze; just wash in cold water and air dry. 

Proudly crafted in the USA by a women-owned company. It's easy maintenance and sleek design are sure to enhance your travel experience. Highly recommend!

Grab yours here👇🏽