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6 Tips for Working from Home

Many of us are transitioning to work from home for the 1st time or to 100% remote so today I'm sharing some solid tips to help you stay productive and add some structure if your location has suddenly changed.

1. Create a morning routine
Eventhough you aren't physically going to the office a morning routine is very important. Find a routine that will get you ready for the work day ahead. Instead of getting ready and then communting, my routine has evolved to changing out of pajamas, brushing my teeth, applying skincare and grabbing a cup of coffee.

2. Designate a work space
Find a place that will meet your work needs. This may be a quiet space in designated room or a spot within your home. We live in a small space so I have a I start my day working in the living room and move into my bedroom where my desktop is after everyone is awake.

3. Organize your work area
Make sure your are set up for success by having supplies within reach that you need to get your job done efficiently.

4. Plan your day
Planning your day should be no different than if you were at the office. I like to take a look at my schedule and make a to-do list for the day/week. This helps me to make sure my productivity does not suffer while ensuring I am accomplishing everything that needs to be done.

5. Set clear boundaries
Setting boundaries for your household and yourself are super important. Make sure your loved ones understand you are not available while you are working. Just because you are home doesn't mean you can take time away from your job. Make sure someone at home can manage the kids, meals, etc.

Clearly communicating your work schedule to your employer is also important. This means clearly expressing the times you will and will not be available. Don't short change yourself! Sticking to your regular work schedule and taking breaks as you normally would are necessary. You need breaks and lunch hour to walk away from your workstation.  Remember even if you are at home these breaks are required by law.

6. Exercise Self Disciple 
Being disciplined is the biggest factor to successfully work from home. That means fighting the urges to watch TV, lay in bed, or salck off in general since everything is so easily accessible. All I can say is your job probably monitors you and your productivity so don't allow yourself to be lazy. Personally, I know if no one else is watching God is so I choose to work diligently for Him.

These things help me to be productive and focused each day.  Hope they are helpful for you! What do you find helpful working from home? Share your ideas in the comments below!