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Why You Need Shoptagr Especially This Holiday Shopping Season

If you are on a budget, a sale shopper or just love a good ole deal I have the perfect tool to help you with your shopping needs just in time for Cyber Monday!

Personally, I have a long list of items that I want, but managing those items from various brand became a huge burden. It's a lot of work to check multiple websites for sales or to keep up with emails from brands so I was absolutely over the moon when I found Shoptagr!

What is Shoptagr?
Shoptagr is a virtual shopping assistant which provides one place to keep a list of items from over 1100 popular online stores.

Why You Need It
This virtual shopping assistant not only keeps a wish list for you, but provides email updates or push notifications (in app only) whenever an item has low stock, has been restocked, or most importantly when the PRICE DROPS! With Shoptagr you only are alerted about items YOU WANT! No more unwanted email subscriptions or spammy sale alerts filling up your inbox! 🙌

Shoptagr is free and easy to get started!
1) Create an online account
2) Get the button
3) Start building your wishlists**
**Currently, the website only allows tagging items from a desktop

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View your lists from your desktop or mobile device(s) by downloading the app for iOS or Android to receive push notifs.

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It's that simple! 
Now just sit back, relax, and wait for the updates to roll in! Never miss an opportunity to grab an item before it sells out, is restocked, or goes on sale! 

Happy Shopping!