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Get Refunds Shopping Online with Paribus

 If you shop online some stores may owe you money! Now who doesn't like to get some dolla dolla💵 back in the bank? Have you ever heard of Paribus? Well, grab a snack and let me give you a quick run down!

What is Paribus?
Paribus is a service that is 100% free and watches for price drops at specific stores that have price adjustment policies.

How Does It Work?
You sign up with the email address that you use for online shopping. Paribus will keep track of your online receipts from a specific list of retailers and notify you by email if there was a price drop after your purchase! If there is an eligible adjustment Paribus will alert you and provide a script for use when you contact the retailer to get you the refund you deserve! As of today, they monitor receipts for approximately 30 big name retailers.  For a full list of retailers click here.

Paribus also tracks the delivery status of online purchases made with Amazon! If an order doesn't arrive on time as promised, Paribus will provide instructions by email so you can file a claim for compensation! It's that easy! 

I absolutely 💛 Paribus!  I recently received an email from them letting me know that an item I recently  purchased dropped. They calculated the difference a and sent me a script to use when I called the retailer. I would have totally missed this if I hadn't been signed up for this service!

What are you waiting for?  
With the holiday shopping in full swing, don't lose out on money that you could keep in your pocket!
Sign up and let Paribus do the heavy lifting for YOU! 

*I am not affiliated with Paribus. I just enjoy this service and had to share. 😁All opinions are my own.