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Speck Product Review

Have you heard of Speck Products?

Speck is a Northern California based company that creates cases for smartphones, tablets, laptops, watches, and backpacks. They are well-known for their award-winning designs that are not only stylish, but more importantly made for impact to protect your precious devices. The product line they offer all have military-grade protection with sleek, slim lines, as well making them esthetically pleasing to the eyes. 

In my household, we have both Android and iPhone devices so Speck was kind enough to provide cases for each for this review. We received 5 in total. Here are the details of each case. 

Candyshell Galaxy S3 Case in Black/Dark Grey, $34.95

Candyshell Inked Samsung Galaxy S6 Case in Vintage Bouquet Gray/Shocking Pink, $39.95
This case has a scratch-resistant coating that also ensures the flower design does not fade. 

Mightyshell Samsung Galaxy S6 Case in White/Charcoal Grey/Slate Grey, $49.95
Candyshell iPhone 6 Case in Pomodoro Red/Black, $34.95

CandyShell Grip Samsung Note 4 Case in White/Black, $39.95
This case features a rubberized detail on the back of the case which help for a no-slip grip. 

As you know, I love when a company really backs their product line. Speck definitely did not disappoint. They offer a wide range of styles to chose from, offer free shipping, a 30 day money-back guarantee plus a 1 year warranty with the purchase of every case.  The price point of these cases is very affordable as well. 

I am happy to report that we all absolutely LOVE our cases! Each case is comprised of multiple layers that are both shock and impact resistant with a very sleek, slim design.  The hard outer shell protects against impact and the raised rubber around the screen perimeter protect against shock from drops as well as helping to prevent scratches. Each design gives the protection desired without added bulkiness like that of the cases offered by Speck's competitors. I can tell you from experience that Specks cases are very slim unlike cases from their competitors which make it difficult to carry your phone in the pocket of your jeans. The rubber around the perimeter of the case protects the ports and the buttons on the phone while still allowing ease of use unlike other after market cases where the button covers don't align or require use of a lot of pressure to get the buttons on your devices to react. In addition, the website speaks of tests against extreme temperatures, cracks, and abrasions. I can attest to the fact that I have dropped my phone and this case has protected against screen cracks, scratches, and the after studying the case it is completely unscathed. 

Interested in Speck Products?
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The products mentioned above were provided complimentary for this review and sponsored by Speck Products.