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Our Potty Training Story

Every parent out there knows the woes that come with potty training a child! It's a very daunting task!

My son is 3 and we've been at it for a while. He wears pull-ups and was doing pretty well at telling us when needed to use the bathroom, but as most children do, he regressed. As of late, he has be sneaking off when we are busy doing our house duties and emerges when he has had an "accident."

I am happy to report today's shopping trip has been a success! Here is what we did!

My son and I went shopping to buy the items we needed to create a potty training progress chart. We packed up in the car and took a trip to our local Dollar Tree. We picked up everything we needed to make our chart for $6! Here is what we bought:

(Permanent marker purchased not pictured)

After completing a Google search I wrote what I wanted on the chart and my son helped me hang it on our bathroom door. 

Luckily, the desire to put stickers on the chart was all the motivation he needed! After 2 tries on the potty and 2 hours of trying this method, he was placing his first sticker on the chart! Of course, we made a HUGE deal over his success and reiterated the incentive for using the potty. 

I'm sure you can see how proud he was of himself. 

After a week, we stopped using pull-ups entirely! After seeing his success so quickly, we promised him we would take him somewhere to celebrate when he graduated from a baby using diapers to a big boy wearing underwear.  

Moral of the story...
it doesn't take much to get a child motivated and the incentive doesn't have to be buying them a toy. As you can see, stickers worked for my son. 

Parents, just be patient, stay consistent, know there will be accidents, but the accomplishment is so worth it!