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My Current Reads & Recommendations

Anyone else love to read, listen to books on tape, or talk radio? Well, I do!

In light of the season, here are some of my faves that are Christian based! Putting Santa Claus, the reindeer and all that aside, Jesus is the reason for the season! You will notice all have a common theme which is how to be a great mom and wife.

The book I'm currently reading was a recommendation from my eldest son's mother called The Feminine Appeal. I am really enjoying this book! I just started reading it and can't put it down! Lots of great information about how to be a Godly wife, but from a woman's perspective. It talks about how important it is to look within yourself first. Definitely a great pointer!

The next two books were amazing and I have read them multiple times! The first was a recommedation from my husband, called The Measure of a Woman which he suggested after reading The Measure of a Man. The other book called Sacred Influence: How God Uses Wives to Shape the Souls of their Husband. Both of these are a great pairing to guide women and wives! I learned so much from each of these and continue to reread them to refresh my knowledge.

These last two are both recommendations from one of my closest friends. She recommended a local contemporary Christian radio station called KLOVE 107.3 in the SF Bay Area. I love this station! During one of my visits to her home, I left with a set of audio CDs to listen to during my commute hours. This set was from the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Set. These are an amazing set of discs that explain how to manage your money with God as your priority. Totally changed how I manage my money entirely!

What are your faves? Comment! I'd love to hear your recommendations.