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Haircare Routine!

Hello lovebugs! I have received quite a few requests for my haircare routine so here it is! I use all of these products religiously!

First off, I don't use products with any parabens, sulfates, or pthalates on my hair! Since I made the switch in all of my beauty, personal, and haircare products I have noticed a huge change overall!  If you want full details about why I made the switch, check out my post about Toxins in Beauty Products.

Shower Routine:
I use the Kirkland Brand Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner found at Costco. This combo not only works well, smells great, is moisturizing like it claims, and affordable. Best part is they have a total 33.8 ounces of product and the bottles have a pump. When I condition I use 4 pumps of the Kirkland conditioner and I add in a generous amount of  Giovanni Ultra Moisture Conditioner from the Avocado and Olive Oil line at the same time. I let this stay in my hair whole I lather up before I rinse. Also, I use the Giovanni 50:50 Balanced Hydrating-Clarifying Shampoo once a week to rid my hair of any build-up (which is missing from my picture... #epicfail) 

After Shower:
I use 4 pumps of my Giovanni Ultra Moist Leave-in Conditioner & Styling Elixir. Then I spray my hair with my favorite heat protectant, the Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray  if I plan to blow dry. During summer months I usually let my hair air-dry and skip this step. 

Before/After Styling:
I always use my Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray before styling with hot tools. Depending on my the style, I may use my Giovanni Frizz Be Gone Serum or Shine of the Times High Gloss Hair Mist. I always use my Giovanni L.A. Hold Hair Spritz which smells amazing, has great hold, but you can brush your hair out without any visible residue.

If you are going to run out to purchase some of these products visit your local Costco Warehouse for the shampoo/conditioner and you can purchase Giovanni at many drugstores. You can also find it at Walmart which is the cheapest besides Bed, Bath & Beyond (using a coupon). They are all less than $10each!