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Love It or Leave It: Sally Hansen Gel Polish Review

It's time for a review! Time to find out if Sally Hansen Gel Polish gets a Love It or Leave It!

Now, I've always loved doing in-home mani/pedi's mostly because they are cost effective, but I've never really had one that has lasted. At best my manicures last 3days before I start to see chipping since my hands are always in water washing dishes, giving baths, etc. Needless to say, I was already skeptical.

Sally Hansen Gel Polish claims to have a 14 day wear and the best part about it is you can do a gel manicure without a lamp. This product was a recommendation from my beauty blogging girlfriend, Live Beautified. Since she loved it, I was eager to try.

When applying, there is a two step process; color coat and top coat. My first impression during application was that the color polish was streaky. However, once applying the top coat it was amazing! I don't know what it is about this top coat, but once you put it on it smooths out the polish and gives a great sheen.

The staying power was good as well! It lasted about 7days for me before I started to notice a bit of dullness in the shine and outgrowth, but to my surprise, no chipping! That in itself was amazing to me!

Overall, I definitely have to give it to Sally Hansen! I already purchased more colors!


Have you tried this polish? I would love to hear your thought and color recommendations!