Cloudzero Floating Acrylic Bookshelf Review

The Company
CLOUDZERO is a small, family owned company that offers a floating acrylic shelving line designed to alleviate the safety concerns of parents while allowing children to learn and play independently. 

The Product & Claims
(as shown on the website)

Photo courtesy of  CLOUDZERO

These shelves are available on the CLOUDZERO website or Amazon with free shipping!  The dimensions are 3 1/2 inches wide and are offered in 6 different lengths- 

16 in ($19.99)
26 in ($44.99)
38 in ($59.99)
16 in double saver ($38.99)
26 in double saver ($84.99)
38 in double saver ($114.99)

The website states that these shelving units are made of clear, unbreakable acrylic that give the appearance of a magical floating display which take only 5 minutes to install.  The shelves claim to be functional, space saving storage that allow the user to see 12-26 books at a glance and include a special safety lip that ensures the books cannot topple over.  

Now let's get into this review!

Floating shelves in the marketplace can range anywhere from $19-$140 made from various materials such as acrylic, glass, wood, etc.  The price point of the CLOUDZERO shelves seems to be comparable to others available. 

I received the floating acrylic shelves in the 3 1/2 in wide by 16 inch single length and 6mm thick.  The shelves came in their own separate glossy boxes with the contents of each holding 1 shelf, installation instructions, as well as hardware (screws, stainless steel washers, and nylon wall anchors were included).  The shelves themselves were very light with a very sleek and simple design.  The acrylic was clear and has 3 holes present to be used for mounting to the wall. 

As the product claims, installation was in fact seamless and extremely easy!  It only took a few minutes to mount each shelf.  After installation, the shelves appeared to be mounted very firmly to the wall just like you would want! 

With other shelving units you are only able to view the spines of the books and miss seeing the cover art.  I love that the width of the shelves allow enough space to add multiple books with the covers facing outward so the beautiful cover artwork can be displayed! WIN for CLOUDZERO! Overall, I would definitely recommend!  I think the price point is reasonable and I love the functional, yet sleek, minimalist design.  On a sidebar, although marketed for use by children I can see these babies being used to display many other items because of the shelving's unique width.  You could fit many  items on these shelves such as perfumes, beauty items, photo frames, sewing supplies, etc. 

CLOUDZERO was gracious enough to provide a special offer to my readers!
Purchase in quantities of 2 (in either single or double sets of the shelves) and
receive a display shelf FREE ($21 value)!
This offer is only available until May 31st so get it while it lasts!

Use the link to get yours👉

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