Clean Living Collection Review

Clean Living Collection is a skincare line made with high quality ingredients handcrafted in Northern California. The line is made with 100% pure ingredients that are organic and Non-GMO.  The products are not "cut" with inferior quality ingredients or preservatives.  Part of her mission is to make high quality skincare that is accessible for everyone! Of course, this mission spoke to me as cost effectiveness is the basis of my blog.

Ariel Welch, the Owner of Clean Living Collection, was kind enough to send me a few products to try for this review. I tried 2 face products and 1 lip product. Here is my review!

Chamomile Rose Cleansing "Cold" Cream
Made for Oily/Acneic/Sensitive 
Price Range: $10-$17
Size Options: 2 or 4oz
Other Option: Hemp & Green Tea made for Dry/Mature Skin

I love when products have more than one use and this product does just that! This cold cream can be used to remove makeup, as a facial cleanser, and moisturizer. This cream has a light pink color, but a color doesn't show up on the skin when applied. It has a very smooth consistency and has a very subtle for scent. Definitely made my skin feel clean!

Clay & Charcoal Mask
Made for sensitive/dry skin
Price Rage: $6-$17
Size Options: 1, 2, or 4oz

This mask was very interesting! I love that this product comes in a finely milled loose powder form which is a great space saver making it easy to store. To use you must mix the powder with liquid before applying on your face. The finely milled consistency is great to exfoliate and has some amazing skin clearing properties. It also has a very pleasant, light floral scent.
Un-Chap Stick in Sweet Wild Orange
Price: $3.50
Other Options: Chocolate Peppermint, Lavender Cardamom

This chapstick is amazing! It has a subtle orange scent that is very pleasant. The formula is made with many oils that are very soothing and hydrating for the lips. It is made with pure, organic unrefined oils and waxes. 

Quality was definitely NOT sacrificed with the affordable price point! Overall, I have to say that this line not only met, but exceeded my expectations. I was very impressed with the products I tried and have added them into my regular skincare routine. I love the company's mission and that each product had very high quality ingredients that are attainable for every budget. 

If you would like to learn more about products or have any questions, please visit the website. There is a wealth of information there about the ingredients and their uses. I know Ariel will be happy to help you!

Ariel Welch, Owner
Instagram: @cleanlivingcollection

DISCLAIMER: Happily partnered with the Clean Living Collection for this product review. All products provided by Clean Living Collection. My opinions are my own and are never influenced by the brand or any affiliation that I may have I with it.


The products mentioned above were provided complimentary for this review and sponsored by Clean Living Collection. 

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