Holy Grail: August Faves

Here are my Holy Grail Gems for the month of August!

I usually brush a little powder foundation on my lips to help with staying power of my lippies, but decided to try this guy out. This is the first lip primer I have ever tried and honestly I don't know what I did in life before this! It is a little shocking when you first put it on since it is white, but it has a creamy consistency that glides right on the lips. It's a great canvas for all your lippies. Lipliner glide right on with ease, no matter the consistency. The best part of all was I didn't have to reapply at all during the day! Great steal at $3. 

This line had my go to liquid liner, but I stopped using ELF liquid liners years ago because of the ingredients. I'm sure you can imagine my excitement when I saw this formula was paraben free! I fell in love immediately! The applicator is a very thin brush which you can achieve a very precise line and winged liner with ease. Another deal at $2.

I have always wanted to try this and I'm glad I did! I am absolutely in love with this mascara! I use it as a base under whatever mascara I plan to wear. It has a small brush that seperates your lashes well. The formula is wet, applies easily without clumps, and the color is very black. I have been using this guy all month and I have noticed some lash growth. Maybe I can grow my own falsies! Lol Price varies, but I got mine for $5.99

I have rpoblem wity any kind of liner transferring to the our corner under my lower lashes when I smile or laugh so I been looking for a gel liner that this doesn't happen with.Well honey, I found it and this baby meets all of my requirements! This liner is waterproof, smudge proof and an intensely pigmented black. It is very creamy, but when it sets, it stays all day long! I didn't care for the brush that came with it, but that doesn't take away from how amazing this liner is. Bought mine on Amazon since it was cheaper than the website $14.95. 

I do not own any Sigma stuff (I know, I'm crazy) so this is my first. I tried my cousin's brush to apply some gel liner for a wedding recently and I instantly had to get one for my collection. This brush is very small, the bristles are not too stuff or too soft. They are the perfect to get a precise line. I am able to achieve a very thin line close to the lashes or a dramatic wing quickly! Definitely a must have $ Bought mine from Amazon $14.

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